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Assault Cube Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Assault Cube really free?

A: Yes, it is. Assault Cube is a free first person shooter that is completely, absolutely, positively free to play. And donít think this is just to draw you in, get you addicted and then ask for money either. Assault Cube will never be anything other than free to download and play! Whatís even more, the game is open source and fully moddable, meaning that you can download the source code whenever you want and/or edit the files, creating new mods or maps!

Q: Is the game a realistic or arcade shooter?

A: The gameplay is fast paced and reminiscent of the true glory days of first person shooters like Doom and Quake and in practice plays like something in between Unreal Tournament and Counterstrike.

The weapons and settings are modern and realistic and you wonít see any aliens or space battles in this game. Instead, youíll be fragging friends and strangers in realistic environments with weaponry which exists in real life.

Q: Iím playing on an empty map! I thought this game had a large user base?

A: Assault Cube has thousands of players at any one time! Press escape on your keyboard and join a server that has people in it.

Can I play with my friends who run different operating systems?

Yes, of course you can. Assault Cube is built with cross-platform in mind, which means that this first person shooter game is coded to support and run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other less known operating systems without any problem at all.

Some people can jump higher than I can and are getting to spots I canít reach, Why?

No, this is called rifle jumping and is done by using the recoil of your gun (try it with the Assault Rifle for the best effect) to jump higher. Just jump and shoot your gun at the ground while youíre in mid-air and you too will be able to reach that higher ground.

See more of Assault Cube in action in the screenshots section.

Assault Cube Download

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