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How To Play Your Custom Assault Cube Maps Online

So you’ve used the map editor to make an awesome map in Assault Cube, made sure everything works perfectly, and have had some fun killing bots on it in the single player mode, but now you want to take it out for a spin in Assault Cube online. There are a few different ways you can get real people to play on your own custom map and we’ll go over them one by one.

Map requirements

Before we begin, you should make sure the map conforms to a few requirements. You can “play” any map whatsoever in co-op editing mode, but if you want to use any other game mode on it, you may have to change a few things first. These are the requirements of multiplayer maps:

-          The average height of the ceiling may not be higher than 30 cubes. So no overly high maps.

-          Pick ups may not be placed too close to one another.

-          Flags must be placed at least 30 cubes from one another.

-          If you have an open area in your map, it may not be larger than 10,000 cubes.

If your map doesn’t break any of these rules, it is ready to go online!

Uploading your map in a server

While most public servers understandably limit the ability of players to upload their custom Assault Cube maps, there are a few out there which do allow it. The easiest way to find out is just by trying it out. Open the console and type “/sendmap yourmapname” to send it to the admin. If it works, wait for it to upload and then call for a vote, but, unfortunately, most of the times you’ll find it to be impossible. It doesn’t hurt to keep trying on different servers until you find one that allows it, but it might get boring or frustrating very quickly. Alternatively, you could try a more personal approach.

Approaching an admin

A lot of the highly populated public Assault Cube servers are run by people who really are passionate about the game. Most of these people are friendly and helpful as well, so you should not feel weird about talking to them directly on the chat and asking them to try out one of your maps (or give you admin status, though this usually causes people to ignore you). To drastically increase your chances of getting your map in the maplist, get to know the admins a little bit first and become a regular on the server before asking for favors.

Hosting your own server

If you really can’t find a public server that will try out your maps, or are too lazy to make the effort, then your last resort will be to host your own server. Why should this be your last option? Because, to be honest, there are already too many servers out there and you’ll have a hard time competing for players with the established ones and all the lowly-populated ones. The exception to this rule, though, is if you just want to play with some friends, and not necessarily with strangers. Just host your own server and choose your map. If your friends have the option on to download new maps, then you’ll be playing on your custom Assault Cube map in no time.


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